Fiskebete för den som har råd. :) 17/8-15

Såg på ett fiskeforum om detta bete. Så har man 7-10 miljoner som bara ligger och skräpar så slå till!!
Abdel som killen hette som skrev inlägget, berättade detta:
“-Presenting the emerald and diamond studded gamma 60, made especially for the most uber wealthy fishos. This very limited edition will be auctioned at Sotheby’s, Tokyo, to patrons willing to offer a starting bid of no less than 1 million dollars. Highest bidder be warned, this edition is not to be kept as a collector’s item. Bidders must submit a sworn affidavit affirming their intention to use their gamma in pursuit of gamefish preapproved by Carpenter (serious lelandi, thunnus thyroid, caranx ignoramus, etc). All catch photos shall become the property of Carpenter. After one use, owners must agree to have their exquisite gamma exhibited at the JGFA Hall of Fame Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo for a period of no less than ten years. Anglers must provide proof of lure loss insurance and submit a bank statement or tax record confirming their gazillionaire status”.

Diamanter och beten. Det blir inte så mycket bättre än så!?  😀


Rätt snyggt ändå?! 🙂


Allt gott!


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