Grymt jäkla inlägg från och Rikard Jonsson.
Första gången jag “delar” någon annans bloginlägg!

Grymt Rikard! Nu vet jag vad jag ska göra imorgon kväll eller senare i veckan. Tack!


Iwe had alot of questions from all over about how i make my corkscrew rigs, thats why i will make this post in english. This is something that people have been doing for a long time but no one has really posted anything about it untill last month when Mr.Claesklassessons did —> just that. <—         I started doing theese last year as a complement to the soft4play offsethook. We often fished the coast in really shallow waters at the time and i wanted to make all my rubber baits fish really shallow. The success at that time were slim, but this year its improved alot!

You will need two pliers, and one screwdriver. The wire i use is about 0.8mm thick but you can use whatever you feel confortable with. I want it to hold if a big lady decides to take the bait.

Take the…

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