MEGAPIKE! 126cm and 15kg+++(?) Kris Broeckx deliver!! 4/3-13

Läste mig precis till, att min belgiske vän Kris Broeckx fångade en gaaaalet fin gädda på 126cm här i torsdags!
Han har iof inte legat på latsidan innan, utan har bland annat två stycken 122cm´s i bagaget sedan tidigare!

Just read that my Belgian friend Kris Broeckx caught a maaaaagic pike on nice 126cm here last thursday!!
Kris in not a person who has been on the lazyside before, ha has two 122cm´s pikes since before.  😀

Dagen till ära var det ett svenskt bete som satt i andra änden av linan. Ett Svartzonker, McMy i färgen L.
Kris winning bait on top of the moose hanger.   😀   So swedish!  😀

På frågan var fisken fångades svarar Kris: “-you can say a big water in holland, haha”.    Haha..
On the question to Kris where the pike was caught, he answered: “-you can say a big water in holland, haha”.    Haha..

126 centimeter!!!  Holy FU**IN cow!!   A real dreampike!!

Thats the face of an satisfied fisherman!

Kris is a pike/zander fisherman, with alot of nice fishes on his record.

Kris3C&R, with the Zonkerbait upfront in the picture. Caught from Kris friends brand new Alumacraft Competitor.

Kris5If you catch a pike of that size, then you more than deserve a ciggarr!!!!

Usually the sayin is “Close but no ciggarr”, but Kris got “Spot on, ciggar and some bubbles”.

Big ups to you Kris to this awesome pike!!  Looking forward to follow your fishing adventures all around the world. Perhaps I´ll take you out for a ride when I have a proper boat!   🙂

All the best!!


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