Interview with Solarfall, 29/9-12 Part 2/2!

The interview with Solarfall continues…

Interview with Solarfall, part two.

TPF: -How many bait do you do during a year.
SF: -I have never really counted but lets say over a hundred atleast.

Beautiful wobblers.

TPF: -Please describe how a lure is built from raw sketch to a ready bait.
SF: -I put some music blasting on my ipod, take a pen and start sketching and when I come up with an interesting design I just cut the shape out and use the outlines as a template. then I just use my pendulum saw and saw the bait out from the plank of wood. I usually after that use a rasp to even out the places where I need to shave off to make it exactly the shape I was aiming for. after that I usually drill the screw eye holes. when all that is done I router the edges of the bait to round the edges then it’s only a matter of sanding the bait a bit and its ready for gluing the screw eyes in and lately I have been making even the eye sockets by drilling them on to the bait. then its just a matter of sealing the bait slinging some paint to it and adding the eyes + epoxy and voila you have a kick ass bait.

Sketches and pendulum sawed pieces of wood.

TPF: -What kind of machines do you use for the luremaking?
SF: I have a pretty basic set up. I use a pendulum saw (band saw would be nice but I don’t have any room for that) a hand drill, Japanese saw (everyone should own one ) router and a router table (the cheapest I could find ) some sort of multi tool like dremel is essential. knifs and carpet knifes and basically that’s all I have.

Yet another Solarfall bait is born.  😀

TPF: -Do you accept an order from ”whomever”?
SF: -I don’t really sell a lot of lures, its very low key and I mostly do it just to cover some of the costs. if I sell anything its usually private people all over the planet, I don’t sell to stores, cos I don’t want this turning into a business, its strictly for my own amusement and hobby purposes.
If you´re nice and have a little bit of luck, you could be the owner of one of these.  😀

TPF: -How do people order lures from you?
SF: -Its usually done trough email   (

4 lurer, splendid work of Solarfall!

TPF: -Favourite model among your own baits?
SF: -The latest I’ve made, it seems to go like that with me im always up to something new.

The latest?!

TPF: -Do you have any swedish favourite lurebuilders?
SF: -Sweden has really a lot of really good builders and many of them have inspired me. mangeboy, svartzonker,bjerks,stampe and of course wolfcreek.


TPF: -Do you have any good advices for new beginners where to come across good wood, lead, and other materials for lurebuilding?
SF: -Well in my case im fortunate cos I get my supplyes from friends but for exsample recycling centers you can get lead and atleast over her they let you have it for free.

Nice coloursetting.  H-O-T

TPF: -Which tools is a “must have” when starting up your own lurebuilding?
SF: -Somesort pendulum saw, multitool like a dremel and a drill, you can get pretty far with just those and of course if one is using softer woods like balsa all you need is a knife, saw and some sand paper.

They work!  🙂

TPF: -What fishing rod is your own personal favourite?
SF: -I really don’t have any favorites, the rod that I got from a lure building competition few years has been serving me well so far.

The real deal, real skin lures!  🙂

TPF: -What reel is your own personal favourite?
SF: -again I don’t have any favorites but for bait casting reels I have been using abu carcia reels for the longest time and for spinning reels I’ve always used shimano reels.

The lure looks a little bit surprised!?  🙂

TPF: -Do you only fish with your own baits? If not, favourite lure?
SF: -Yeah pretty much, there is no better feeling than fooling a fish with a piece of wood ( or resin) that you have made.

Really nice tail-baits.

TPF: -Do you have a webpage, more than the ?
SF: -I really have no need for that, only places I sort of call my own is my blog and of course my youtube channel “SolarBaits”

Side to side. Me like!  🙂

TPF: -Do you ship your lures WorldWide if ordered?
SF: -I will ship stuff to the moon as long as the guy ordering my lures pays for it.

You pay now Mr, you pay now!

TPF: -Pricerange, estimate of a lure handbuilt by Solarfall?
SF: -It ranges from 15€ to 40€ I also do repaints sometimes.

ThePikeFather likes Solarfall baits!


Thank you Mikko for the interview and hope you readers have read and looked at alot of interesting things!

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