Best regards my foreign readers.

Since I mostly write this blog in swedish, I presume you guys/girls don´t understand a single word of my blogs content.

But I must say, I am honoured of your visit!  Feel free to write comments about what ever you like!

Atleast my pictures is understandable.  🙂

Thumbs up for Switzerland, France, Finland and Lithuania.

Edit 17/4-12, thumbs up for Poland and Åland aswell.   🙂

Edit 22/4-12 Today is the day that my first visitor from US was here. Say hi next time, don´t be a stranger!!   🙂

Edit: 23/4-12

Välkomna får vi väl säga till danskjävlarna också som passade på att besöka min blogg idag.   😉

Edit: 24/4-12

Welcome to our neighbours from Norway.

Edit: 27/4-12

Most welcome all lads from Australia.

Edit: 11/5-12

My first visitors from Croatia arrive. Welcome!

Edit: 12/5-12

Let us say welcome to my first visitors from Germany.

Edit 16/5 I welcome my first visitor from Cyprus. Nice to have you here!

Edit 20/5-12 My first visitors from Austria. Most welcome!

Edit 28/5-12 The home of the leprechauns, Ireland. I welcome you guys/girls! Aswell as you blokes from the UK! Welcome!

Edit 2/6-12  My first visitor ever from Turkey arrives. Mighty! Varmly welcome!

Edit. 7/6-12  People from Hungary, we salute you.

Edit: 17/6-12 Alot of visitors today from 8 different. Today also my first visitors from Canada, Spain and the Nederlands.
Really nice to have you lads here!

Edit 25/6-12  Finally, mother Russia came to visit. Nastarovio!!

Best regards

ThePikeFather Klas

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